What is



Our desire is to bring Glory to God in every aspect of our life. With this approach we can financially support Kingdom work. With simply switching you monthly habits and buying from Doulos you can partner with missionaries and churches and start spreading the gospel with every cup of coffee you enjoy.



phase 1.

We plant coffee shops owned and operated by Reach Church. The goal of the local coffee shop is to meet the people where they’re at - in the community. We create a safe, comforting, and welcoming environment to show the love of Jesus to people who might not otherwise ever know His love or step into a church.

The Point Cafe



phase 2.

We partner with churches for free consulting on opening and operating their coffee shops. We all serve the same mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to see 100 coffee shops served in the USA, Canada, and Mexico before 2030.

The Drip Cafe



phase 3.

We produce a handcrafted coffee wPith ethically sourced beans and a small batch roasting process that is made to order.

The break down of 100% of profits allocated to Christian missions is as follows: 30% to Our Local Coffee Shops | 30% to Reach Church Missionaries | 30% to Foreign Missions to Growers | 10% to Other Churches Starting Shops



We grow relationships with the growers. By creating the relationships with the growers we open the door to church planting and Gospel preaching in their area. We desires to partner with and send local missionaries in the regions our beans are sourced, to grow a relationship directly with the growers.



We bless communities by paying more than the “fair” trade price. We will give back to the community by building endless relationships and investing into the people by helping created or helping their infrastructure, schools, libraries, orphanages, and churches.



phase 6.

We fight human trafficking and slave labor. Slave labor is a world wide problem, and especially in the coffee industry. We will use the coffee plantations as a safe haven, rehabilitating those who experienced human trafficking.